Musculo-skeletal Therapists

Osteopathy and Physiotherapy – the Similarities!

The Queen’s Road Medical Practice Musculoskeletal (MSK) team is experienced, highly qualified and friendly, with a broad range of special interests in the treatment of most types of injury.

The team consists of Physiotherapists and an Osteopath.

Both professions are considered to be ‘manual therapists’ and there are more similarities than differences. Historically the professions have originated from differing philosophical backgrounds, but today there is a lot of common ground and it really comes down to the individual therapist / patient relationship.

After informed consent and education, both professions may use ‘hands on’ techniques and exercises prescription.

Queen's Road Medical Practice

Janet Green, MCSP, GradDip Phys. Physiotherapist.

Janet is a Chartered Physiotherapist and is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health Professions Council. Janet was born and educated in Guernsey. She trained at the Bath School of Physiotherapy and returned to Guernsey where she worked at a private practice for 5 years. After having her family she returned to work in 1992 where she joined the Queen’s Road Medical Practice.

During this time Janet has attended yearly CPD courses to update her musculoskeletal skills. She is a member of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine since 1995, is an accredited member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists since 2005 and has also completed the 4 courses of the McKenzie Institute Mechanical Diagnosis from 2010 to 2012. All of these courses have given Janet an in-depth knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries, including spinal pain and soft tissue/sports injuries and rehabilitation. Janet has also been a voluntary physiotherapist for the athletes at the Island Games in Guernsey in 2003, the ladies football team in the Shetland Islands in 2005 and the badminton team in the Isle of Wight in 2011. Janet enjoys participating in exercise by regularly walking and attending rpm (spinning), body vive, body attack and body pump classes.

Queen's Road Medical Practice

Simon Guest, BSc (Hons ) Ost, PG Dip Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEM). Osteopath.

Simon graduated from the British School of Osteopathy, London, in 2001 with a BSc(Hons) in Osteopathy (winning a prize for final clinical competence). He gained multi-disciplinary experience at a busy practice in Bristol before moving to Guernsey.

Simon is experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide range of musculoskeletal problems and treats a variety of neck, back, upper and lower limb problems from age 5 and upwards.He has a particular interest in sports medicine, having been interested in sport and fitness from an early age and has worked with everyone from young children to retirees and recreational weekend sportsmen and women through to professional athletes. He has recently completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Sports & Exercise Medicine.

He is also interested in  integrating Medical Acupuncture into the management of musculoskeletal related conditions such as headaches and low back pain. He is registered in the UK, with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC ) and is a member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association (OSCA).

Simon has treated many of the island’s top athletes having been part of the Guernsey Island Games Medical Team for the last eight years - Aland (2009), Isle of Wight (2011), Bermuda (2013) and Jersey (2015).

Queen's Road Medical Practice

Martin Lock, MCSP BHSc BSc. Physiotherapist.

Martin was born and bred in New Zealand. After qualifying as a Physiotherapist in 2005 he worked in New Zealand and Connecticut, U.S.A. before moving to the U.K. Looking for a better climate he moved to Guernsey in 2000 and has been working at Queen’s Road Medical Practice since 2008.

Clinically Martin has a broad knowledge of many sports and has a special interest in spinal and chronic pain. He utilises his skills from acupuncture through to manipulation during treatment sessions; and he is also available to carry out ergonomic assessments in the workplace.

Martin has enjoyed playing rugby and tennis for Guernsey and more recently participating in local triathlon and running events. He particularly enjoys outdoor pursuits from the mountains to the sea.

Queen's Road Medical Practice

Dr Martin Rabey PhD, FACP, MManipTh, BSc(Hons)Phty, MMACP, MCSP

Originally from Guernsey, Martin was awarded his BSc.(Hons) in Physiotherapy from the University of Wales College of Medicine in 1996. In 2000he completed the world-renowned Master of Manipulative Therapy degree at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. Following this he worked, at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, as an Extended Scope Orthopaedic Practitioner; requesting investigations, diagnosing and determining appropriate treatments for people referred to the Orthopaedic department. In 2007 Martin completed the Injection Therapy Master’s level module at the University of Southampton, qualifying him to administer injections for joint and tendon problems. During his first stint working at Queen’s Road Medical Practice, he briefly returned to Australia, where he was awarded Fellowship of the Australian College of Physiotherapists, and the title of Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2009). In 2012, Martin returned to Curtin University in Perth, where he lectured and examined on musculoskeletal physiotherapy, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In 2016, he completed his Doctor of Philosophy degree. His thesis examined the complex interactions between many different factors that make low back pain persist. Also during his time in Australia he continued treating people with everyday aches and pains at two world-renowned physiotherapy clinics in Perth and Sydney, worked as an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner in the Department of Spinal Surgery at Royal Perth Hospital, and as a researcher examining novel treatments for chronic low back pain at Neuroscience Research Australia in Sydney. Martin returned to Queen’s Road Medical Practice in 2016. However, he will still continue to lecture in Europe, and with his world-wide research collaborations.

With specialisation in Spinal pain and complex pain disorders, Martin is based at the Longfrie Surgery.

Queen's Road Medical Practice

Sophie Tyrrell, MCSP, BSc (Hons), MAPPI. Physiotherapist.

Sophie was born and schooled in Guernsey before qualifying as a physiotherapist at Brighton university in 1996. Since returning to Guernsey, she is now married and has 3 children.

Sophie worked locally in the King Edward Hospital in 1997 before leaving to work in Plymouth from 1998-1999 as a junior physiotherapist. Whilst in Plymouth she also worked as a physiotherapist for the local rugby team.

Sophie returned to Guernsey in 2000 where she joined the Queen’s Road team.

Since working at QRMP she has completed numerous musculoskeletal-based courses and has also qualified as an APPI trained Modified Pilates instructor.

Sophie has an in-depth knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries, including spinal pain and soft tissue/sports injuries and rehabilitation. She has a special interest in women's health including prenatal and postnatal care, pelvic pain, stress incontinence and overactive bladder.